What Are Chitlins? Discover the Southern Delicacy's Secrets (2024)

What Are Chitlins? Discover the Southern Delicacy's Secrets (1)

Chitlins, a soul food delicacy, have woven their way into the fabric of Southern American cuisine, particularly gaining momentum from the 1930s through the 1960s, a period marked by the prominence of The Chitlin' Circuit. According to the Southern Foodways Alliance, this network of venues was pivotal in popularizing not just the music but also the food culture among African American communities in the Jim Crow era South. Today, chitlins—pig intestines that are cleaned, cooked, and often fried—are traditionally served with other Southern staples such as fried chicken and collard greens. Southern cuisine continues to be an integral part of family gatherings in the region, with dishes like chitlins playing a significant role in these culinary traditions. Understanding what chitlins are is not just about exploring a food item; it's about delving into a rich cultural history that continues to influence American culinary practices.

What Are Chitlins Made Of?

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Chitlins are a type of food made from pig intestines. Sometimes referred to as "chitterlings," this dish is often found in the American South, and takes a long time to clean and prepare. Due to the labor-intensive preparation process, most people enjoy it on special occasions like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Though it has historically been associated with African-Americans, people in many other cultures and places eat similar dishes.

Where Do Chitlins Come From?

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This dish originated during the time of American slavery. When pigs were slaughtered in the Southern US, the meat was often taken by slave owners, while the intestines were left for the slaves. They were served in the winter, and over time came to be seen as a treat. After slavery ended, chitlins continued to be associated with African-Americans up through the 1900s, when there was a series of entertainment venues for African-American performers known as the Chitlin' Circuit. The dish remains popular in many areas of the American South, with some places even holding annual festivals to celebrate it.

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Chitlins gained popularity in the American South, and they are synonymous with southern cuisine. Chitlins are often served along with other southern favorites as part of a larger meal. For some, chitlins may be an acquired taste. For others, chitlins remind them of being surrounded by their family who have all come together to enjoy a nice, home-cooked meal.

Where to Find Chitlins

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While chitlins may not be available at everyday markets, specialty butchers often carry them. The best way to find a location that sells them is through an Internet search or word of mouth. You might luck out and be able to find chitlins at a local grocery store, perhaps in the frozen section of the meat department. Keep in mind that chitlins shrink when they’re boiled and cooked, so you’ll need to buy more chitlins than you may think.

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It's important to realize that some butchers don't clean chitlins before they sell them, so it's essential to confirm whether they're cleaned or not, and if not, take the necessary steps to eat them safely. Even if the butcher says that the chitlins have been pre-cleaned, it is a good idea to clean them again before you prepare your meal.

How to Clean Chitlins

If your chitlins are frozen, thaw them before you begin the cleaning process. Uncooked chitlins carry potentially dangerous forms of bacteria including E. Coli, yersinia, and salmonella. The cleaning stage of preparing chitlins is very important. It’s essential that chitlins are repeatedly picked clean to ensure that there are no foreign materials on the meat. They need to be cleaned very carefully to prevent disease. If purchased uncooked, they should be turned inside out and boiled on high heat for at least 5 minutes. Any fecal matter or extra fat must then be removed by hand. It’s necessary that you examine each chitlin and make sure you’ve cleaned it of all fecal matter or extra fat. Then, using a strainer, give the chitlins one final rinse in cold water to ensure that the chitlins are cleaned properly.

As you’re cleaning the chitlins, make sure you continually clean and sanitize your cooking tools and kitchen workspace. Chitlins carry a lot of harmful bacteria. It’s best to take measures to ensure that you’re keeping your kitchen clean and free of harmful bacteria that can make you sick. Eating contaminated chitlins can cause extreme stomach pain; severe diarrhea, sometimes with bleeding; and a fever. Babies and the elderly are particularly at risk for complications from these symptoms, and may require hospitalization. Because of this risk, it’s best to have babies, small children, and the elderly stay out of the kitchen while you prepare the chitlins.

How to Cook Chitlins

After you ensure that your chitlins are clean, you can now prepare them to be cooked. After you rinse them in cool water, you can then cut the chitlins into about half inch or one inch pieces depending on your preference. Typically, chitlins are cooked by boiling them for about three hours in a mixture of water, vinegar, and a few seasonings. You can also include garlic, onion, and a few sprinkles of soy sauce. Bring all of your ingredients to a boil in a large pot. Boil the chitlins for about three hours. You can then season or fry the chitlins to your tastes.

The consumption of intestines goes far beyond the United States. Korean cuisine offers makchang, a form of grilled pork intestines; while French cuisine has tricandilles, which are grilled as well; and China has jiangsi chao dachang, in which the intestines are stir fried. Many countries around the world consume either sheep or cow intestines too.

What Do Chitlins Taste Like?

Chitlins have a distinct taste that is hard to compare to other meats. It doesn’t taste like other parts of the pig, either. Pig intestines have a mild flavor and the taste can vary based on how you season them. Some compare the texture and flavor to calamari and various other seafoods. Many people say that chitlins are an acquired taste. Their smell can be foul and distasteful, especially during the cooking process. To avoid making a house smell, they're often cooked outside. The end product doesn't retain the strong smell though, and many people who dislike the odor while cooking still enjoy the dish when it's finished.

Chitlins can be added to stews or soups, but some people prefer them deep-fried. The deep-fried version is often dipped in mustard or other spicy condiments. You can also add red pepper flakes, garlic granules, salt, or lemon juice to your chitlins.

Are Chitlins Good for You?

Depending on how the chitlins are prepared, they could contain some surprising nutrients. A three-ounce serving of chitlins gives you 10 grams of protein. Considering most sedentary adults can generally consume anywhere from thirty to sixty grams of protein a day, a serving or two of chitlins can give you a good bit of your daily value. While your daily protein needs are based on your individual weight, chitlins can be considered a decent source of protein.

Chitlins are also a source of small amounts of zinc and vitamin B-12. Zinc has several benefits, including boosting your immune system and metabolism function. The recommended daily amount of zinc is 8 milligrams (mg) for women and 11 mg for adult men. A three-ounce serving of chitlins has 1.6 mg of this mineral. A three-ounce serving of chitterlings contains 0.4 mcg of vitamin B-12, and the general recommendation for adults is 2.4 mcg.

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What Are Chitlins? Discover the Southern Delicacy's Secrets (7)

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What Are Chitlins? Discover the Southern Delicacy's Secrets (2024)


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