Cursive o – How to Write a Lowercase o in Cursive (2024)

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For anyone who’s looking to learn how to write cursive letters, free online cursive writing resources are becoming more important. Some schools have decided that cursive writing is no longer an important part of the curriculum while even schools that continue to teach cursive to students often have reduced the number of hours and time spent learning this skill. That’s where free online cursive resources can be quite beneficial. They allow anyone who would like to learn cursive to be able to at no cost. These resources are also important for teachers as they can help supplement the lost time spent teaching kids cursive in class. They can be indispensable for homeschool parents who want their kids to learn cursive as well. We offer both cursive writing videos and cursive letter printables that can be used by anyone for free. On this page, we’re concentrating on teaching how to write a cursive “o”.

For those who are learning cursive, it’s necessary to know which cursive you’re learning. There are numerous different cursive fonts that are all correct and no one cursive style is necessarily better than another. For the purposes of this website, we’ve chosen to teach D’Nealian cursive to show how to write each letter in cursive. D’Nealian cursive is what most elementary schools in the US teach their students and what you likely think of when you think about what cursive looks like. Another positive for D’Nealian cursive is that it’s basic in form and one of the simpler cursive fonts to master. While we’re concentrating on teaching the D’Nealian cursive “o” here, you can look at the sidebar to find any letter of the alphabet where you can find similar resources on how to correctly write it.

How to Write a Lowercase Cursive “o”

While it may at first appear that writing a cursive “o” would be pretty simple, it’s actually not one of the easier cursive letters to write and often gives beginners a bit of a problem. That doesn’t mean it’s one of the most difficult cursive letters to write, but it may take a bit more time and practice than you first anticipated. Before you try to write the cursive “o” on your own, a better first step is to watch a video that shows the correct way to write this letter. Watching the video provides the advantage of showing you the proper stoke to use while also pointing out mistakes that are common with this letter so you can avoid them when you actually begin to practice writing the letter “o”.

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You should be ready to try writing a cursive “o” after viewing the video a few times. The urge may be to jump right in and begin attempting to write a cursive “o” from memory, but it can often be helpful to instead watch the video again and copy the stroke on paper as you watch. Again, this will help you get the proper feel of how to write this letter and confirm you’re avoiding making the common mistakes. You can do this several times until you have the confidence to continue practicing without video aid.

For those who like a more formal and structured learning environment, downloading and printing out a cursive “o” printable worksheet makes sense. This will give you the advantage of having dotted lines that you can trace while watching the video giving you more structure in the learning process. The cursive “o” worksheet is also a valuable tool for teachers who would like their students to practice writing this letter at home for homework. For parents who are homeschooling, the cursive “o” printable can be the foundation of the lesson for them practicing and learning how to write this letter. No matter what the case, the worksheet should be a valuable resource that will help anyone trying to learn how to write a cursive “o” feel more confident and eventually master writing it.

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Did you find the video and worksheet valuable in helping you learn how to write a cursive “o”? If you found this page and the resources on it valuable, we’d greatly appreciate it if you could let others who might be interested know about it. It’s the overall goal of this page to provide a free online way for people to learn cursive so that anyone who is interested in doing so can. We’re also interested in hearing any suggestions you have on ways we can make the pages of this website better so you can learn to write cursive more easily. Please feel free to contact us to let us know your opinions.

Cursive o – How to Write a Lowercase o in Cursive (2024)


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