Cleveland Cyclewerks' US-built 85 mph Falcon electric motorcycle, unveiled (2024)

Cleveland Cyclewerks' US-built 85 mph Falcon electric motorcycle, unveiled (1)

For months now, we’ve been following the leaks and teasers around Cleveland Cyclewerks’ upcoming new Falcon electric motorcycle. And today we’re finally getting the full scoop as the Ohio-based motorcycle company pulls the sheet off their first electric motorcycle.

The Cleveland Falcon is actually available as two different models: The pared-back Falcon 01 and the full-power Falcon BLK.

Both are being built in the US, with many of the parts suppliers located in the company’s hometown of Cleveland, Ohio.

Both bikes feature a wishbone frame, mid-mounted motor, CARD dual-piston hydraulic disc brakes, inverted front fork, and a rear coilover hydraulic shock. They both feature 17-inch cast aluminum wheels, though the Falcon BLK includes aero wheel disks as well.

The Falcon 01 can be restricted to “E-bike mode” with limits of 20 mph (32 km/h) top speed and 750W (1hp), or to “E-moped mode” with a top speed of 27 mph (43 km/h). It also features an unrestricted mode that takes full advantage of its 6kW motor with a 65 mph (105 km/h) top speed.

The Falcon BLK also sports the same restricted modes, but offers up to 12kW (16 hp) in unrestricted mode and a top speed of 85+ mph (137+ km/h).

Cleveland Cyclewerks' US-built 85 mph Falcon electric motorcycle, unveiled (2)

The Falcon 01 comes with a single swappable 14s 52V battery rated for 2.3kWh, upgradeable to two packs for a total of 4.6kWh. A single pack is sufficient for 50 miles (80 km) of range, with that figure likely calculated in “E-bike mode.”

The Falcon BLK comes with two of the swappable packs and boasts a 100 mile (160 km) range, though that figure is also likely calculated in “E-bike mode.” The batteries are constructed with Samsung 18650 cells.

A high-power Level 1 charger is included with the bike, capable of charging one or two battery packs at once. Cleveland Cyclewerks claims the batteries can be recharged to 80% in 45 minutes or to 100% in 90 minutes.

The Falcon BLK includes “Lumilor Electroluminescent Visibility” elements on the side of the battery enclosure, and features an “Angry Pixy” mode that provides a 20-second power burst. We’ll let you use your imagination to decide how best to put that fun burst of power to use.

Other modes included in the “FALCONtroller” are Eco Mode (which engages regenerative braking when rolling off the throttle), Standard Mode (which provides moderately limited power for better range while still offering higher performance), and Performance Mode (which maximizes continuous current output).

Cleveland Cyclewerks' US-built 85 mph Falcon electric motorcycle, unveiled (10)

The air-cooled motor is mounted as low as possible in the frame with its axis nearly even with the footpegs. The motor is rated for 100 A continuous (approximately 5kW) and 300 A max (approximately 15kW).

Riders can either use their phone as the display, or use the bike’s built-in display for critical info like speed, battery life, ride mode, and more.

In addition to the CARD dual-piston hydraulic disc brakes that come standard, riders will have the option to upgrade to SPHERE hemispherical brakes. These innovative stoppers offer a larger braking surface with less rotating mass and have the advantage of tool-free pad changes, though regenerative braking in electric motorcycles helps to reduce the frequency of brake pad changes.

The premium Falcon BLK is of course the pricier of the pair. It will be limited to 20 units and carries a $14,995 MSRP. The Falcon 01 will be priced at $7,999, putting it just below the entry price for a Zero FXS electric motorcycle.

Cleveland Cyclewerks' US-built 85 mph Falcon electric motorcycle, unveiled (11)

Electrek’s Take

If we can put the pricing aside for a moment, then generally speaking, I like the bikes. I’m not sure the battery enclosure graphics are quite my thing, but I like how the bikes have that old-school moped feel to them, yet offer stronger frames and more robust components than most moped-style bikes.

The design feels like a more industrial CAKE-ish bike, yet with American style. I would have loved to see them enter with lower prices, but they’re also essentially hand-built boutique electric motorcycles — these aren’t being pumped out of a huge factory on a long assembly line.

While I would have loved to see these new motorcycles push the industry towards more affordable prices, I think that’s a lot to ask from a company on their first electric model.

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Cleveland Cyclewerks' US-built 85 mph Falcon electric motorcycle, unveiled (2024)


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